Ujung Kulon or bust

8-13JavanR!!Here you see a Javan Rhino, moving hastily though the brush. This branch of the family is at an existential crossroads, and things do not look promising.

Closely related to the Indian One-horn Rhino branch, the remnants of our line live in the tropical jungles of Java. Our range used to be all over Southeast Asia, but no longer. We have interesting skin, pebbly but not as knobby as our Indian cousins. How did We get to Java?, you might ask. In times past, the ocean level was lower, so We could stroll. Rhinos are accomplished strollers. (see 4/11/15)

Many female Javan Rhinos don’t grow a horn at all. Nature might give a convincing explanation of why that is, but not We.

For obvious reasons, Javan Rhinos are extremely leery of contact with the public.

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