Down Sumatra Way

8-12 Sumatra or bust!!

It has come to our attention that Your Inner Rhino has not been very clear about what parts of the greater Rhino Family are presently represented on the planet. Seems obvious as a topic, but it does not hold our attention to any great extent; We are all Rhinos, We have RhinoHeart, and that’s what counts.

That Said, here you go! Here We have a Sumatran Rhino, the hairiest of the Gang. We live in Southeast Asia, mostly solitary and living in dense jungle. We can weigh a ton, but are the smallest Rhino species. We are surprisingly agile, and are known for a sharp sense of humor. Two horns, but modest.

We are the most ancient lineage of the RFamily living today. We are few in numbers, due to hunting and habitat pressures.

The reason this all seems a bit beside the point is that each Rhino, Sumatran or not, is an individual critter, doing our best to thrive. Seems more important than a label, at least to Us.

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