Poking around up there…

5-23 Re-Minders

Inside of Us We keep the records of what We have been up to, each of Us, all through our lives. Does it really feel as organized as this? No. It probably looks more like all the notes in the files and crates, tossed helter-skelter into a wind tunnel. Many bits, all adding up to Us. What version We get depends on which paper gets plucked from the twister at any particular moment.

Some of the broad topics our individual records cover are Lessons, Precepts and Concepts, Notions, Mistakes, Memories- both sweet and sour, Ideas, Thoughts, Ideals, Plans and Projects, Aspirations, Assumptions, Impressions, Doubts, Concerns, Intentions, Confusions, and Contradictions.

The trunk is for Regrets. We have them too.

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