Missing Marbles


It is not easy to tell if you have lost your marbles. We are never sure how many We get in the first place, and couldn’t count them up anyway. We are not sure where they are stored most of the time, or how they achieve whatever it is they achieve. Do they escape or fall out of our ears when we sleep? Lost marbles involve some mysterious riddle.

In a precautionary measure, We keep an eye peeled in general for marbles. That way We hope to acquire enough to cover any deficit We may realize over time. Oftentimes We leave them even if We find them; how could We be sure it is our marble, and not somebody else’s?

Marbles are a lot trickier than they seem, one way and another.

4 thoughts on “Missing Marbles

  1. That’s why I always, always, pick up any marbles that I find and put them in the found marbles cup on my desk. Then if I feel a few marbles short of a game, I have a replacement stash handy.


  2. I like the intelligent whimsy in this piece. Marbles, lost and found, are trickier than they seem. Your posts have been of real help lately, as they have matched my mood. It started with the funky depressed rhino, posted on the worst day of my personal funk. Things started to turn around with the realization that my inner rhino was allowed these dark episodes, but let’s not live there. That and a long talk with my mom and I’m back on track: a little silly, a wee bit wise, and essentially happy. Live long and prosper Inner Rhinos! Thanks for the encouragement inherent in your blog, oh great and mighty Rhino Master.


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