Pi are squared…

3.14 Pi Day

Archimedes was an olde Greek genius, who liked to scamper around town in the nude when he had a Big Idea. (We are full of Big Ideas and go nude all the time, so what’s the big deal?) He discovered many tricky things, they say.

One of his Big Ideas was called Pi, which has something to do with mathematics and geometry (?!?). It doesn’t look like much, but it is highly regarded in some circles (ho ho). Rhinos are challenged to count to six, so the details of Archimedes’ work will go without explanation on Your Inner Rhino. Few of Us ever met him.

The point is: March 14th, is Pi Day because it is the third month, 14th day. 3.14159265 etc.&etc., is Pi’s mathematical value, so Voila! Pi Day. If this is still cloudy, ask anybody else for help.

We understand it is a Major Holiday for our readers, and We like to support your enthusiasms. Party long and loud, with our best wishes. See Archimedes in his tub? “Eureka!” means “I figured it out”. Yell that.

2+7= ?

4 thoughts on “Pi are squared…

      • Thank you. These public service announcements are one way to keep occu-Pi-ed. Groaning is good for you, as long as it is elective.


    • We are discussing a deep closet here; many sweaters, awaiting the right occasion. And they never need washing. It is nigh unto impossible to get Woolite in the Wild.


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