Cultural Conundrums


Some places are having Daylight Saving Time. Congratulations to them, We guess. But what it is and how it works is perplexing. It may just end up being a mystery which does not yield to our cogitations. How something can be then and now at once doesn’t seem natural.

In Asia and Africa (where We live), nobody has this peculiar tradition today. It has been tried, but why it was then and why it isn’t now, well don’t ask Us.

Here is a good question: who is keeping Nightlight Savings? Hmmmmm? Ask yourself that. is not afraid to tackle thorny issues, as you can see.

3 thoughts on “Cultural Conundrums

  1. In this house, Dear Rhino, we wonder, if saving is to be done, why stop at a measly hour? Why not leap two weeks into spring, then fall back two weeks into summer? THAT would be worth all the discombobulation.


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