Facts of Life in the Wild

In the Wild no Rhino dies of Old Age. We live each day upbeat, perfectly aware that our individual part of the project may be done at any time. We don’t let that idea make us blue. But We don’t forget it either.

Klee Dragons bright

The trickiest part of the Rhino’s span is Adolescence, the time when We strike out into the world, full of Spunk and unrestrained by Experience. That said, any of Us can go at any time of life, and the dragons We face may arrive at any moment.

These dragons are Famine, Disease, Competition, Confrontation, and Greed. These are not the Deadly Sins, these are the Facts of Life- in the Wild. We do not fret over the matter; We’d get depressed. We strut along, enjoying the time We are given. “Tra la la”, that’s what We say. Feel free to quote Us.

2 thoughts on “Facts of Life in the Wild

    • You have to admit, that slogan is catchy. And easy to remember, almost haunting in its pithy insight. And you can mentally set it to any tune you choose. Indispensable R Wisdom.


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