The Scentology Team

We are aware of your concepts of the interior body, but Science is not a system We embrace when pondering what goes on inside Us. We have a team of tiny specialist colleagues, all busy analyzing the various sensations We encounter. There is plenty of room for everyone to compare notes, evaluate and set up responses, as needed. Everybody has one goal, namely the successful perpetuation of the Rhino in question. We are always in the Best Hands: Nature’s.

Scent Lab

Our system works well for Us; possibly it’s passed along by our parents, as no RhinoTot comes along without this understanding in place. Who else is inside there directing matters, We ask? Clearly there’s entirely too much going on for any one specialist to comprehend.

When something goes awry, We always blame “Ernie”. We say Ernie is taking a nap, or We’d be hunky dory. (No, Ernie is just what We say, not a real guy.) Gotta blame somebody when We get the hiccups. When RTots get funny, they often scream, “Ernie made me do it!”. Then everyone squeals with laughter. RTots are silly, which is just how We like them.

You are attached to the idea of five senses. We recognize a number more than that, though We don’t count, so We don’t have a total to report. The point here is that We usually think of Taste and Smell as one sense. We are designed to relate to every delicate variation of Scent, first for data, second and third for Sensual Delight. And fourth.

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