R Potentialities and the Quest

Each of Us has a floating range of possibilities during our time on Earth. But in adolescence, as We prepare for independence, one Choice seems to weld itself to the individual Rhino’s Willpower, seeking and demanding expression and investigation. Exactly how and why this happens, nobody knows. But between other mundane assignments each of Us concentrates Awareness on that individual focus. No two Quests are alike, no framework is defined for the Quest. It simply calls out for attention, and the call is answered gladly. What one Rhino finds stimulating mirrors what every other Rhino experiences, in some cosmic interconnection.

Possibilities fl 11-2

What makes the entire solo investigation so fulfilling is the certain knowledge that the fruit of the project enhances All Rhinos. Each of Us is made more complete by the efforts of every other member of the Rhino Community.

And the answer to your next question is: Yes, enhancements last through Time. Each of Us is enriched by each relative, living or past. Daunting, right? The concept of the Quest is mysteriously linked to RhinoHeart. Which of Us would not be eager to pitch in?

7 thoughts on “R Potentialities and the Quest

    • You See?!?! this is an outstanding example of how your Inner Rhino has been skipping about the edges, waiting for an opportunity to leap through and sashay away with you. I knew you had it in you!


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