One, Two, More, Much, Whenever, Then and like that…

We are not really into counting. We go for the Spirit of the Thing or Things. This disinterest on our part makes it hard to tell you how many years or pounds or families or distance, well, lots of things. The appeal of specifics escapes Us.

CountingHumans seem fascinated with particulars, and make many lists which you put in prominent places. Looking at a list often does not clarify anything for Us, but We cheerfully pass on the data to you; why not?- it’s your data. Many numbers: seventy, eleven. Enjoy.

The Rhino shelves of your home library should help here. You just look Us up when you want “facts”. That is how books work, We are told. Our system of records is based on scent, so books don’t figure much in the Big Scheme of Things. Sniffing Concepts is our approach to most everything.

You and We don’t have to share methods, just Good Will.

4 thoughts on “One, Two, More, Much, Whenever, Then and like that…

    • It seems that We have found our medium, BlogLand, so We are not much help. We are told that the hard-copy reading public is shrinking faster than raisins. Self-publishing is popular, but seems sad, as one then must both place and promote the books oneself, after removing one’s thumbs from the eye sockets of one’s family and friends. There is a prime market, but getting near it might require a letter to/from the Pope. He knows everybody.


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