That statesman of the United States, Mr. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1706, was a man of many talents.

Today Rhinos acknowledge his inventing the Franklin Stove in 1742. Its unique feature was that although the heat of a fireplace goes up the chimney, the new stove radiated heat from the middle of the room. A welcome development where it gets chilly.

Rhinos live where heat is already abundant. Most days, We are more in the market for a friendly Glacier.


One thought on “Toastiness

  1. The first Franklin Stove( and cannons for the revolutionary war) were forged at Warwick Furnace, three mile from our house, which is northwest of Philadelphia. Surely Ben walked where I walk several times a week when I do our dogwalk over that way! Fun to think about.
    Love your daily posts. Thanks so much! Kristen


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