The Lens of Time

Today is Herr Franz Anton Mesmer’s birthday, 1734. He is mostly known today for Mesmerism, the purposeful shifting of bodily energies. He focused on Animal Magnetism, so We Rhinos assume he was on the right track.

He was not universally praised in his own time, nor in this one. But here is an idea: What if Mesmer’s work was valid when he was around, but is no longer? Many Olde Ideas were respected in their time, maybe justifiably so. Who will ever know?

FYI, Rhinos have all the Animal Magnetism We can deal with. Big Surprise.

3 thoughts on “The Lens of Time

    • I think we can skip right past the “what if” position. Obviously there is a whole swath of folk lore and medicine that has been cast aside as ‘ignorant’ or non-profit. Between Science and Economic Advantage, a great deal has been discarded. We know neither where the baby is, nor the bath water.


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