The Land of Oz

5-15 LFBaum 2051

Mr. L.F. Baum, author of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and its many subsequent Oz books, was born today in 1856. Generations of critters, young at heart, have enjoyed his richly imaginative work.

One thing he seems to have overlooked was the Rhino potential for adding delight to the Land Of Oz.

Rhinos have often thought We would have been useful as the Rhino Road Repair for the Yellow Brick Road. Sadly, We can’t have it all our own way, more’s the pity.

2 thoughts on “The Land of Oz

    • That may sound like a solution, but it might be even slower going. Rhinos are easily distracted, to be honest. Also teamwork skills or urges don’t seem to be part of the genetic map. Really, what project can compete with Lunch?!?


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