Put Put

Today is National Miniature Golf Day. A frustrating game; it seems so simple, yet it requires skills most Rhinos lack. In almost every case, We can only get better.

Rhinos usually play our games after everybody else has called it quits for the night. Most of our tournaments involve a lot of kicking the ball, which is considered fair when the contestants get testy. Then it’s time for Hole #2.

We have excellent night vision, no matter what they tell you.

2 thoughts on “Put Put

  1. I feel the pain. Obviously my game should become nocturnal with kicking the ball as part of the rule book. Great picture.


    • Glad you like it. I referred mentally to the Cape Cod golfing trip, which was a lot of fun. I attach a photo which you have probably seen, of all of us doing ice cream after the debacle. That holiday was one Swell Treat!

      Love, Bill

      On Sat, May 9, 2020 at 11:03 PM Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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