Hippity Hoppity

Holidays have special traditions, and Rhinos have always been delighted to assist the E.Bunny Delivery System. Such undertakings involve E.Bunny Managers and a mighty Work Force, among whom Rhinos number ourselves. A lot of bustle, We must say.

There are Bunny Trail Rules for Us Assistants, such as: 1) don’t squeeze the eggs, 2) no loud giggling, and 3) no hopping.

Bunnies are high-strung; they put up with no comedy when it’s Show Time. But then, neither does Santa.

3 thoughts on “Hippity Hoppity

    • We are chugging along in our rut. ‘Happily’ may not be tone of it all, but calm we are. Things in central PA are enveloped in a Hush, a societal tip-toe, hoping that if we are quiet and well-mannered, we will eventually dance out of the tunnel. What concerns me is: what will that Brave New World be like? Uh-oh.

      I hope you are OK, though the travel ban must curtail some of your climbing. I never see a crag without thinking of you scrambling up it, rope clenched in your teeth, jaw set.

      Spoke with Cheryl who is as goofy as ever, or possibly more so. So much emotion… I got worn out. Maybe it has to do with the flat-lined quality of things here.

      Much love, Bill

      On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 9:51 AM Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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