Too Grand!

Tooting our own Horn (tired Rhino joke) seems permissible now and again, right? “Your Inner Rhino” happily announces our 2,000th Post!!

Since October 20, 2014 We have achieved over 100% delivery, even given some vacations and the occasional lapse.

Of course, there’s no group as stupendous as our Readers, and We thank you for your encouragement. Sincerely.

6 thoughts on “Too Grand!

  1. I’ll keep waving the flag of appreciation for you. Especially now, jailed in my house, a bit of flag waving for the Rhino is good exercise. Pat Robbennolt


    • Ah, the medical Barbara Fritchie? We are confined as well, but I see no light at the end of the tunnel yet. Youth may need its fling, but in this case, it could be the end of all of us, physically.


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