The Festivious Rhino…


‘Your Inner Rhino’ has done a great deal of research on our Readers’ ideas of jolly holidays. So We Rhinos are making one up on our own. We call it “”Take Your Canary to Work Day”.

This idea is most useful for Readers with canaries. But you could probably substitute a hamster or catfish.

Every special day must have had a beginning somewhere, and why not today?

2 thoughts on “The Festivious Rhino…

  1. With so many people working from home taking pets to work should be easy. “Polly, this is the laptop where I work on spreadsheets, and this is the couch where I take brain restoring breaks …”


    • Of course, you are right! It hadn’t occurred to me when this got posted. One good thing is that canaries are usually up for any adventure, and have poor calendar skills, so their special day is pretty flexible.


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