January 29, 1845 Mr. Edgar Allan Poe published his poem, “The Raven”. It has been popular ever since, all weird and churning with foreboding. Mr. Poe is a Rhino favorite.

The quote provided is stimulating to Us Rhinos. We are not sure it is possible for Rhinos to lose something We have trouble defining or locating.

We probably have Minds, at least We assume so. But don’t ask Us to point to where they are kept.

4 thoughts on “Nevermore

  1. I feared that the quotation ascribed to the illustrious Mr. Poe might be erroneous in its ascription, and a google search of his works (a miracle of this age, I would contend) seemed to support this fear. But I offer this from his essay “An Opinion on Dreams” for Rhino reflection on the nature of mind:

    “I believe man to be in himself a Trinity, viz. Mind, Body, and Soul; and thus with dreams, some induced by the mind, and some by the soul. Those connected with the mind, I think proceed partly from supernatural, and partly from natural causes; those of the soul I believe are of the immaterial world alone.”

    He does not mention the Trinitarian nature of Rhinos explicitly, but possibly by implication.


    • If, however, one wishes to keep believing that Mr. Poe said that, it is possible that he did. I refer the interested fellow-reader, Rhino or otherwise to part 9 of the Did Poe Really Say That? section of the Poe blog: 9) “I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.” There is not sufficient evidence to say Poe did not say this, however there is not sufficient evidence to say he did.


      • Wellllll, I can’t say it is Poe’s quote, but it turns out that we can’t say it isn’t. A conundrum. HavIng fetched the quote from a page of Poe quotes, I felt I was on terra firma.

        There are few qualities of man that do not have a reflection among animals, says I. So if it’s Trinitarian for us, it is for Rhinos too, allowing interpretive wiggle room for creatures uninvolved with the mania for possessions.


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