Private Moments


Rhinos are mostly up front with our thoughts and feelings. Why not? We can scent each other clearly, so how mysterious can We be with one another?

Still, each of Us has places We can retreat to when We need to recharge, or offload counterproductive states of mind. Or need to consider matters.

The good part is, Rhinos don’t need to go anywhere to enter this Sanctuary. It’s internal.

2 thoughts on “Private Moments

  1. This image is so interesting and curious, Bill. A little haunting…

    Sorry to be so literal and simple-minded in my query , but what is this glass hut in the woods?

    Love and lively,


    Chery Cutler McHugh
    336 Orange Avenue
    Ashland, OR 97520
    landline: (541) 482-2925
    cell: (860) 262-4446


  2. The illustration is from a dream. And as a dream image, I am no better able to understand it than anybody else. In some strange way, I feel no responsibility for the image; it just got special delivered into my consciousness. No emotional content, maybe a permission to be elsewhere, whenever.

    I spend a lot of time in-between mindsets.


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