Iowa, admitted today to the Union in 1846, lies in the Great Plains. The Iowans are renowned for pluck, determination, and hard work.

Iowa produces more soybeans and corn than any other state, and supplies the nation with ten percent of its food supply. Rhinos take our hats off to that. For certain.

Congratulations, you Hawkeyes, you!


For today’s image, We referred to Mr. Grant Wood, 1891-1942, an Iowa boy, whose paintings of rolling farmland tickle our Rhino Fancy.

2 thoughts on “Cornfed

  1. Am somewhat concerned for YIR’s safety, as Nebraskans have been known to guard their Cornhusker allegiance and identity fiercely and may take umbrage that their neighbors to the east might rejoice in that name, even for a moment. My prayers are with you and yours.


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