In our dreams, Rhinos often have a Companion, but when We try to figure out who the Companion might be, We fall short. The Companion is familiar, but seems to have forgotten to announce itself specifically.

It feels like We have a colleague, a pal, an alter-ego, a version of ourselves there to smooth the path through the dream. A guide perhaps.

Dreamland plays by unusual rules. Period.

One thought on “Whozat?

  1. Mountaineers sometimes experience something similar in extreme situations. Some call it the “Third Man.” Why it is not the “Second Man” or the “Fourth Man,” etc., I don’t know. Often it is a friendly presence just out of reach. I experienced it on Denali (Mt. McKinley) in 2010 as someone just behind my right shoulder. Several times I turned to see who it was but could not quite catch a glimpse of him. Somehow I knew it was a “he” and he was a benign presence. Spooky in a nice way but a bit distracting when one needs to focus on each foot and hand placement. Thanks for the reminder

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