The Dark Ages

YIR is not clear on how Arnulf III got the tag “Hapless”. Probably because he was unlucky. When his dad, Baldwin VI died in 1070, Arnulf became Earl of Flanders. He was acknowledged, but his uncle Robert, the Frisian, made a fuss, and Arnulf died in battle, in 1071.

It seems unkind to saddle the memory of a 16 year old youth with the sorry “title” Hapless, but History is not always kind.

Not only can History be unkind, but it’s often inaccurate. Rhinos know these things.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Ages

  1. Dear Bill,

    The amazing thing —and I am so glad to be back on—is that with each rhino you create a whole world in which he or she exists, each onewhether the dark ages o the moon is so real and so complete and so unique that I marvel at each one.

    Love, Helen

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