Spilled Milk

Catastrophes happen, no two ways about it. Things are dandy, and then, without warning, they are not dandy.

The Rhino Quandary is usually whether to shriek with woe or laughter. More often than not, We go with Choice #2.

Primal Screams really take it out of Us.

2 thoughts on “Spilled Milk

  1. Good advice, Bill. Thank you!

    We’re back from visiting with Steve while Jonna was at Idyllwild, and he really does show improvement. His balance is better, and while he still hunts for words, his participation in conversations is much better, too. Shigeru came down with a cold-y flu-y thing while we were there, and now I’ve got it. Bleah. You stay well!!

    Love, Cliff

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    • I will try, for sure.

      V. glad to hear Steve is better. His position seems inconceivable, but he soldiers on. Admirable, ditto Jonna. Still, 3-D disturbing. Lordy.

      Oh, Brother!

      On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 2:30 PM Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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