Another Facet

Interpretive Dance is just what it sounds like; We do it, and somehow the movements translate a sense of one thing or another. The movements may be sweeping or subtle, they still express one attitude or another.

Rhinos have always been gifted as Dancers, and actually, almost all movement is open to interpretation.

If you want to see how varied it can be, watch a crowd at an athletic event; see how invested the individuals are, each dancing away, a testimony to their mental state. Nifty. Or watch a line of folks in the grocery store. Same thing, different Dance.

2 thoughts on “Another Facet

  1. I found this all particularly endearing, having spent my life doing exactly this! And no doubt looking exactly like this as well…


    • You were very much on ‘Your Inner Rhino’s’ radar when this piece was developing. You are inspirational. This is the benefit of knowing extraordinary folks.


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