Calculating Risk

We Rhinos are aware that there are a lot of Hazards available for Us, whether We know just what they are or not. Some are simple, some complex, but Life is full of surprises. That’s how Nature sets it up, and that’s all We need to know.

Rhinos don’t need the stress of hourly panic, but We need to watch our step.

Edgy, that’s what We get. Yeah, edgy. So We pay attention.

One thought on “Calculating Risk

  1. Oooh, can I relate to this! Not only in mountaineering, either. Life is full of edges; facing them often makes me edgy, but usually the “pay off” surpasses the discomfort. As there are old mountaineers, there are bold mountaineers, but there are no old, bold mountaineers. I’m an old mountaineer, so I reckon I have done a reasonable job of minding life’s edges and my own edgy-ness.

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