One Method, or another…

Today ‘Your Inner Rhino’ salutes Konstantin Stanislavski, b. 1863. He developed a style for the theatre , attempting a more naturalistic approach, especially to character. His influence dominates most acting today, both in stage and film work.

Stanislavski directed and acted with Russian authors, like Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky. He was also a founder of the Moscow Art Theatre.

Rhinos like acting, though it took Us quite a while to figure out what it is. We are not very good at pretense, among ourselves, or anywhere else, for that matter. Still, We are enthusiastic voyeurs.

2 thoughts on “One Method, or another…

  1. I like the “enthusiastic voyeur” concept for lots of interesting yet scary activities. In fact many such folk buy my books about life lessons I have learned from climbing big mountains around the world. Acting and mountaineering aren’t for everyone, but they are fun to watch or read about.


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