The Staff of ‘Your Inner Rhino’ is aware that Rhinos hold a fascination for the Reader. Obviously, right? We certainly find ourselves riveting.

On a usual basis, We select a Topic, and address it. But it would be dandy if You, the Readership, posed questions or suggestions or comments on Topics of particular Interest to you. The Staff would hate to think you were pining for something which We could illuminate, happily.

Each of you has an Inner Rhino, We want you to feel welcome to pose ideas or whatevers. Yes? Rest assured, Nothing is too Trivial for Us!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. I am always amazed about how much Rhinos can teach us about great figures of the past – be it writers, painters, musicians, philosophers, mathematicians or even politicians.


    • Prepare for another year of peculiar human rituals, celebrated on Your Inner Rhino! We’re delighted to hear you like them!


  2. What is it about the nature of GRATITUDE — whether simple or profound — that makes it an almost universal life-saver, or in any case an element thereof?


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