Problematic Solutions

Sisyphus was doomed to roll a rock up a hill, and when he let it go, down it rolled, damning him to repeat his effort, forever.

Rhinos are familiar with such Procedures; We see that our Course of Action does not work, and never will, but do We find another response? Sadly, seldom.

Does this make sense? No. Who supposed it might?

2 thoughts on “Problematic Solutions

  1. Camus suggests that Sisyphus doing the task he had to do, indeed, doing it well, enables him to win. He is not defeated by the task. He chooses to react to the task with dignity and quite fine rolling techniques, and the gods have not defeated him. Sisyphus seems to tell us that we are always free to choose how to react, even when we have no choice in the task.


    • Our point is that We often choose to repeat failed formulae, doggedly seeking success where it is logically hopeless. We short-change our ability to find other paths or means. If there is defeat, it is self-imposed, which might be Camus’ idea; failure or success is a subjective appraisal of the self. There is no objective rating system.


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