The Power of Suggestion

The Can-Can (see Oct. 21, below) was hot stuff in its day, but in time gave way to the Hootchy-Kootchy, a dance based loosely on the Belly Dance of Egypt and Arabia. Unlike the athleticism of the Can-Can, the Hootchy-Kootchy emphasizes the Gyrations of the hips and spine in such a way as to Inspire the Viewer.

The Hoothchy-Kootchiste, usually a soloist, Undulates, Wriggles and Jiggles to Sinuous Music. Everyone has a Good Time. Interestingly, much modern/social dance reflects influences of the Hootchy-Kootchy, though it seldom gets the credit it deserves.

However for Rhinos, We achieve the same hypnotic Fascination via Scent. And a Very Dynamic Effect it renders on our behalf. No joke.

One thought on “The Power of Suggestion

  1. This beautiful colorful picture brightened my day while walking on Manhattan Street…but a little early to feel like dancing šŸ¤—šŸ’ƒ


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