Combination Platter

Today all Rhinos celebrate, once again, the 1856 birthday of L. Frank Baum. What a world he created, the first truly USA fairy tale, The Wizard of Oz! Very exciting, no matter when he comes to mind.

Also, today is National Chocolate Chip Day, which may demand rescheduling for you. It will for Us.

Find a yellow brick road, and skip down it, cookies in your backpack!

4 thoughts on “Combination Platter

  1. With all the glorious evocation of OZ, it is a little frightening that the eye leaps to the chocolate chip cookie. Well, my eye.


    • Fortunately, my model for the cookie was gleaned from the internet, sparing me that temptation, if not that desire.


    • If you use the ‘Archive’ feature, go back to November 9-17 of 2016. We used a week of OZ stuff, following the election results.


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