Ever Responsive

In answer to countless Inquiries from ‘Your Inner Rhino’ Readers:

It takes roughly 286 9-banded Armadillos to weigh as much as an Indian Rhino. Obviously, given RLimitations, We did not do this math, but We are assured it is close, give or take an Armadillo.

You asked. Now you know.

2 thoughts on “Ever Responsive

    • YIR knows no bounds when faced with conundrums vexing our Readers. That said, you will see that 286 armadillos are not shown; the pile is *assumed* to go on upward. Only 36 armadillos are actually shown, representing their family for the sake of this demonstration. 36 armadillos are not hard to assemble, if you know how.

      On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 7:54 PM, Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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