Better Choco-late than Never

This is the day credited with introducing Cocoa Beans to Europe, 1550, arriving from Mexico with the thugs who plundered the Aztecs in Mexico. In Central America, Cocoa Beans were a semi-precious commodity.
Rhinos don’t eat Chocolate, as it gives Us the Heebie-Jeebies, but many of our Readers are fans. So today you have a good excuse to go nuts.
Rhinos don’t wait for excuses to go nuts. We just pack and go.

2 thoughts on “Better Choco-late than Never

  1. LOVELY artwork and message!

    Can I have your portion of chocolate?

    Just made some Pots de Creme that were so chocolatey. Yum! Like the inside of a truffle. Must make them again in a year or two when I come down from the high!

    Love, Cliff

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