Banged Up

In the Wild, We Rhinos have to watch our step. The occasional bump or bruise just goes with the territory, perfectly Natural. But there is a serious Limit.

In the Wild, there is no medical attention, no sick leave. In the Wild, We have to keep moving; if you sit in one place too long, some critter is likely to come take a bite.

We must do what We can, as long as We can, Naturally.

3 thoughts on “Banged Up

  1. Oh My.

    I’m plowing through the email that came while we were away from WiFi in the Great Northwest, and just found the one below.

    Were you banged up? Are you all healed now, or is that still underway.

    Here’s hoping it was all metaphorical and that you’re as spry as ever!

    love, Cliff



    • No problem, really. I am and was fine when We posted this. Everybody is hunky-dory, or close enough. The underlying issue is that Rhinos have no medical recourse when things go wrong. Just gotta keep truckin’.


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