The Upshot

No matter how many bits of information or how extensive the catalogs any Rhino keeps, Answers often seem inaccessible.

What is often helpful is recalling the Answer before We justify it. The Answer is there already; Inside, where it counts. We just have to acknowledge it.

Your Inner Rhino is not infallible, but pretty close.

2 thoughts on “The Upshot

  1. Entranced and somewhat flummoxed by the reverse perspective of book size. Why, she wondered, does this work? It shouldn’t, but it does. Indeed, when one attempts to change it into the usual arrangement of nearest objects larger, one realizes the way it is is the only way. A conundrum. (Where is the tome on Conundrums? Shouldn’t it be with Inferences, Opinions, Innuendos, and Propaganda?) Does the 951 near the outlet mean the artist is 49 away from his 1,000th Rhino Revelation? So many questions.


    • If that’s “one thought”, I’ll hold onto the Rhino way of counting. I’m surprised you didn’t think that the opened book IS ‘Conundrums’! Gotcha!

      I never ask any questions if the drawing seems to work- about any part of it. As you say, the perspective seems wonky, but it doesn’t interfere with the idea, so whatdahell?

      And yes, by my computations, I should hit 1,000 on or around July 24. Every post this year is numbered, so for an added YIR thrill (as if it’s needed) find the number which is often mighty small.


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