Getting it together

Though Consistency may appeal to some critters, it is not a quality Rhinos find relevant to our sense of wellbeing.

Rhinos are utterly at one with ourselves, but that oneness should not be constrained. Rhinos need room for Developments.

Lots and lots of Developments.

5 thoughts on “Getting it together

  1. I hope you’re not sick of me saying this; I should, perhaps, voice a more creative reaction. But, you make me smile. Every. Single. Day. Thank you.


  2. One of the most delightful and fascinating aspects of the adventures on YIR is the endless variety of art used to reflect the thought of the day. I am especially fond of rounded images; adventure images with coonskin cap; pictures of famous composers and artists with their rhino contributions; and the inner-scoop on rhino fairy tales. And lady rhinos dressed to impress. And puzzles. Well, I tried to restrict my enthusiasm, but every day is an adventure for the reader and, as the reader above said, a reason to smile.


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