Feeling Prickly

We Rhinos are not gracious when dealing with our individual Expectations. When We fall short, We get grumpy, childish as that may be. We call this state Rhinocupine-osity. Cranky is as Crabby does, and like that.

RhinoFact: It’s not easy to to move forward, kicking yourself in the butt as you go.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Prickly

  1. Feeling a bit prickly myself (I resemble this rhino in spirit if not in literal appearance), since being struck on my bicycle in a crosswalk with the green light by a speeding truck on April 12. Docs say prickliness is a side effect of concussion; i say it’s a side effect of having my life interrupted by a driver that is incompetent or criminal and being hopping mad about it. That said, it is good to be alive, even with a 2-inch gash above my right eyebrow (my new “3rd eyebrow”), persistent concussion headaches and a gimpy walk due to bone bruises of both ankles. Best “revenge”: healing fast, getting back into the saddle and back into my beloved Wasatch Mountains with friends ASAP. Long live Rhino-wisdom!


    • You seem to have left out the part about the lawyers, suing the driver of the truck, but maybe that’s the concussion. Hope you are in tip top shape in the immediate future, and very rich.


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