Feeling Upbeat

Today marks the 900th Post from Your Inner Rhino. We’re feeling modestly sassy about the fact, naturally.

Thank you, all you Readers. Tell your friends to check in with YIR, also any strangers who look like they could profit from this brand of Wisdom (which is doubtless most of them).

This is a Sumatran Rhino, doing a Cake Walk, appropriate to the occasion.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Upbeat

  1. Dear Chery-

    I am so happy for you, finding a friend. You forgot to send his photo, so I am pretending he is gorgeous. (You wisely understood my instant sense of threat as I stand before my magic mirror.)

    I am really delighted for you; kindred spirits are So hard to find, especially when they are local and readily available to you.

    When you wrote to me, you posted it on the blog, but it is too personal for there, so I removed it. I am delighted to have your letter, but I want to share it twixt us two only.

    The poem could not come at a better time for me. Elias and Chato are off to AZ tomorrow to see family for 10 days, which is fine with me; they are good people, but I am not into socializing at that scale for that long (2 hours, once, would satisfy my needs.)

    Being here alone, I thought, “oh well, I’ll call my pals and make plans”, only to realize I have no true friends to call. I know people, and like some of them, but I don’t *require* them in a true sense. They are here, and I respond to them with good grace, I trust, but there is a veil between me and them. I am not interested in them. Whatever secrets they hide in their bosoms are safe from my prying eyes, I give them only a glance.

    Ask John if he has any pals or kin in the neighborhood I could look up. Kidding, but not entirely.

    Being alone for 10 days will be an experience. I don’t feel nearly as calm about it as I have when they went away prior to this.

    I have 6 pounds or so to lose by May 11. It may happen, I hope. I would say fervently, but I am calm about it. Goals connected to the clock are inherently preposterous. The issue is the motivation, not the performance, and I am mindful about my eating, so that is good. And in sum, I am calm.

    The blog keeps me regulated. I enjoy the work, feel good about the product, though I wish it were more startling or splashy. Perhaps those qualities are not there for me to reap.

    I am happy for you.

    Love, Bill

    On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 9:27 PM, Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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