On the Job


Rhinos have heard of Unfinished Business, but We don’t subscribe to the idea. Rhino business is all about eating; We are always on the clock, munching or seeking something to munch. Thus We maintain our stamina for Life’s Many Demands.

When our business gets finished, We are out of business.

One thought on “On the Job

  1. I feel you, R. Alas, life-as-a-buffet is my preferred outlook, a modus vivendi less well suited to humans than to Rhinos. Imagine my dismay when my very young self took A Moveable Feast from the library, only to discover it was not, as I had imagined, about eating the succulent food of Paris. That experience began my long-standing dislike of all things Hemingway. I imagine Rhinos are not especially fond of the Mighty Hunter either.


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