In case you didn’t know…


Today Your Inner Rhino applauds the remarkable work of Harry Clarke (b.1889). Not only was he a gifted Irish illustrator, but he was also a prolific designer of stained glass windows. Much of his work can seem gloomy, but it is undeniably ravishing.

Rhinos love stained glass. We like to see the sunlight pouring through the images.

It’s one reason you may have noticed Us in church, when the weather is fair.


2 thoughts on “In case you didn’t know…

  1. Awesome art work! And so educational. I had no idea rhinos attended church. I’m going to suggest we have a skilled rhino greeter in ours, just in case.


  2. Rhinos are all over the place, sometimes in the flesh, more often in spirit. Often, things get crowded, but We are self-effacing, which is why you may not have noticed Us.


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