Little Women


Rhino girls often get confused by Ms. Alcott’s books, because We are raised for rough-and-tumble encounters with Life. Apparently, this was not the case for Ms. Alcott’s audience. The Readership probably sees what adjustments Ms. Alcott was suggesting, the get-up-and-go approach.

In the Wild, gender plays a lesser day-to-day part; it’s every critter for him or herself, take it or leave it.

On that gender thing, please recall that every wild Rhino is raised by Mom. No exceptions.

Also, happy 184th birthday, Ms. Alcott.

2 thoughts on “Little Women

  1. I recall YIR being a little testy about an online article that implied Dad should have stepped up in some way when the baby’s Mom was killed. Always nice to see Mom’s role made clear. Also very fond of Louisa May in print and on the stage.


    • We at YIR prefer to think of ourselves as quick to correct misunderstandings, rather than be thought of as testy. Also, We are good at splitting hair, when necessary.


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