On another note…


Albert Sax was born on November 6, 1814, so We sing happy Birthday to him, the inventor of the Saxophone. He invented (and patented) all the different ones, all at once in 1846, so he must have been very clever.

Rhinos like saxophones, with their peculiar blend of woodwind and brass sounds, ranging from mellow to raucous. Perhaps it is the inherent Jazziness of Rhinodom that finds reflection in the sax’ voice.

Hot stuff. Both Rhinodom and the Saxophone.

2 thoughts on “On another note…

  1. I am in a reverie…It is late on a moonlit night. I am walking alone down a mysteriously safe NYC street. The only sounds are my footsteps and the wail of a saxophone. I round a corner and spot the musician, the coolest Rhino ever. Without breaking his beat, Rhino winks. Far out.


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