Thanks, but No Thanks


King Lear is about a cranky king who divides his realm among his three daughters. Unfortunately, none of them is grateful enough to please Lear. He compares them unfavorably to snakes with sharp teeth before Act One is over. (see 9/1/16) Then things go downhill.

Expectations can lead to Catastrophe. Time has taught all Rhinos that little lesson. King Lear learns it, but too late for a happy ending.

Education can be expensive.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, but No Thanks

  1. You know we almost always agree, dear R, but this one…this one is at the heart of the way I try to live my life. Expectations based on others’ behavior are, I think, a recipe for bitterness and grief. I expect my day to be quietly magical; I expect my baking to be successful; I expect my nights to be happily dream filled. I am rarely disappointed. I DO expect that everyone is doing the best s/he can in the circumstances. Further than this I do not venture.


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