The editorial staff at Your Inner Rhino would like our Readers to recall that you are welcome to chime in at any point on the “Leave a comment” slot on each post.

Also, you can write Us at <wes4747@gmail.com> with requests or observations you would like to air.

It is true that Your Inner Rhino specializes in Trivia, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

2 thoughts on “Whazzonyourmind?

  1. Methinks trivia isn’t all that trivial. Not, at least, as YIR dispenses it. This lovely series sometimes examines the smallest of details, sometimes waxes poetic on the most sophosticated of generalities and often just studiously examines its navel. So assuming Rhinos do indeed have navels…the big question of course is: innies or outies? Or sugary sweet oranges?

    In terms of requests: simply, more of the same please! Love the homages to artists, likewise the theatre sets, the costume dramadies, the textures, the colors, the characters, and mostly, the humor, the sweetness, and the preponderance of different styles, all of which, impossibly could only be accomplished by our Rhino-in-Chief. Thank you Bill!


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