a la Mucha

7-24 MuchaBDay

Mr. Alphonse Mucha! What a guy! Hard to sing his praises loud enough, though this is his birthday (1860), so maybe it’s appropriate.

Mucha was a passionate, patriotic Czech. Rhinos think nationalistic fervor sometimes gets out of hand, but there is no arguing with the artistic contribution he made, much of it dedicated to enhancing Prague. (Prague has always been a popular Rhino hangout, as you probably knew already.)

Natural form in the service of geometry, and geometry enhancing the natural. Mighty sensual and very Rhino.

3 thoughts on “a la Mucha

  1. Love his work, especially the jeweler’s in Paris and the expressions of his ladies. While most Art Nouveau seem anemic to me, Mucha’s ladies look mischievous and a little bawdy, don’t you think? Thanks for reminding me.


  2. BEAUTIFUL, Bill! Bravo!

    Prague is indeeda lovely place, isn’t it. With SO MANY historical lines.

    Your art is fantastic!

    love, Cliff



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