Expecting Unexpected…


Rhino gals often forget that the reward of an afternoon’s excitement is 15 or 16 months of pregnancy. Toward the end of these preparations, things can wear thin.

Fortunately, Rhinos don’t count and have weak time concepts, so We just put up with it, and hope it will be over sometime soon. Eventually, our hopes are fulfilled.

The good news is that Rhino babies seldom weigh much over 100 pounds, so that’s a relief!

2 thoughts on “Expecting Unexpected…

  1. 100 pounds – hard to imagine. My nine year old grandson weighs 85. Still all a matter of perspective. Feeling better about personal experiences all the time. Quite chipper in fact.


    • 85 pounds works. Many a RhinoTot has arrived at just such a weight. Some of Us do arrive at 130 pounds, which We feared might be TMI for some of you Readers.


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