4-6 YesterdayFl

Rhinos are good with Yesterday. We recall scents, sounds, sensations, sights, and scenarios. However, We don’t cherish those impressions for long, nor do We fret with accuracy. The day before Yesterday is mostly blurry, and the day before that is history.

Yesterday fits together in an intricate way. We have memories that appealed, those that made little difference, gaps where an idea might have been, some emo-tinted bits, others enhanced, and a few expunged as distasteful . The daily business items tend to fade instantly. We will see those parts again Tomorrow.

When a critter is as hyper-sensitive as We, there is limited storage room for Nostalgia. Rhinos are about Today.

2 thoughts on “RhinoYore

  1. My ewe Hatshepsute was attacked by two dogs, who chewed away her entire udder. The vet said no hope, but she seemed so determined that I cleaned and packed her wound with antibiotic blood-stop once a day and injected her with penicillin twice a day for two weeks. Within 24 hours she was out in the pasture eating grass all day, and pushing and shoving for her grain treat in the evening. She never ran a fever or showed any sign of suffering. Pain, yes, when I cleaned her wound, but no suffering. There’s a lot I could learn from those creatures who live in the now.


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