Appearances can be…

3-26 Yes-but-No

Deceiving. Some Readers may think that Rhinos are descendants of the dinosaur Triceratops, probably because of the horns. This is not so. Triceratops must have been splendid, but no Rhino Records exist for them.

In our ramblings, Rhinos had seen plenty of big bones here and there, but imagine our surprise when the bones were figured out and strung together! Hello Triceratops, the most important dinosaur of all, in our humble opinion. Alas, they were extinct before Rhinos got going.

That horn similarity business is intriguing; Nature never scraps a brilliant design. Rhinos just happen to be the Big Winners this time around. Thanks, Nature.

(For more illuminating data, see Archive for January 13, 16, & 19 of 2015.)

3 thoughts on “Appearances can be…

  1. From the nubblies on the sweater to the tape on the corner of the poster, magnificent drawing!! And, in fact, I never connected Rhinos and Triceritops, but evolution of the snout horn is an intriguing mystery. Nature is a canny she-devil who loves to mess with our heads. Good thing she’s so pretty this time of year.


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