Grimm Conclusions

2-28 Grimm&Grimmer

Our young gadabouts set off for home after plundering the Witch’s house of jewels and probably a few cupcakes for the road. For these two it is a Happy Ending; for the Witch, not so much. There is a lot to mull over in the resolution of this tale. Hansel & Gretel is just like War and Peace, only different.

An ongoing issue is Hansel’s weight gain. One of Us here at YIR is trying to be more “nutritionally disciplined”, so Hansel has our sympathies. A literary kindred spirit.

4 thoughts on “Grimm Conclusions

  1. Preach, Rhino brother! Despite the fact that my previously non-functional thyroid has been diagnosed and treated, the aftershock of lack of muscle and extra weight lingers on. At least my brain and heart have recovered fully. (You didn’t know that every muscle, including that most crucial blood pumping one, and all brain function is thyroid controlled, I bet.) Poor Hansel must have suffered comparable losses, all locked up in the dark with no exercise and lots of stress as he was. Nice to know we’re all on the road to recovery together. Onward to glory!


      • Your explication of Hansel and Gretel made a great deal more sense and is more interesting than the story as I recall it. Memory struck and after only half an hour of scrolling I found my first favorite Little Red Riding Hood (12/28/14) with surprise references to Snow White (3/5/15) , Oliver Twist (3/1/15), and others. Perhaps you are not currently considering publication, but a new edition of Fairy Tales and with other literary references would be a delightful change of pace for the public reading to small children. Also, it would be nice to catch up on Rhodesia Serengeti.


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