5 thoughts on “El Conquistador

  1. Holy camole! Monumental achievement! Break out the bubbly! Wow!

    Seriously, that shows amazing commitment. As mentioned many times here, the quality, quantity, and sheer range of your work is more than extraordinary.

    Congratulations, Bill! Here’s to the next 400, You brighten every day.


  2. Wow, now that’s a major milestone! Congratulations and thank you for giving me beautiful Art that moves me to tears, smiles, and giggles. You so often seem to read my thoughts and send RhinoHeart courage my way. Thank you 400 times, my friend!


  3. Bravo! What a gargantuan effort of pure perspicacity and wit, always somehow lightheartedly dressed up in magical, surprising, even glittery garb! One almost doesn’t notice the guts and grit that has gone into this success due to the sheer, giddy overflow of creative genius! (I get to use this word because it is so manifestly true.)


  4. Congratulations to you and your Rhinos!! Loved every 400 installment and always look forward to see what they will do next. Merry Christmas to you all! Carol

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