To trudge, or not to trudge

8-24 Rutward Bound

One thing about ruts is, We make them for ourselves. Like it or not, here We are, not only wearing a trench in the universe, but resigned to it.

Every life has patterns that repeat. But prancing works just as well as plodding for getting from one part of wherever to another.

The trick is reminding oneself to skip.

2 thoughts on “To trudge, or not to trudge

  1. My dear dog Flask was a runner. From puppyhood, she watchfully waited for a child exiting alone, an unhooked screen door, or a person fully loaded with parcels coming into the house. Presented with any opportunity, she was gone in a flash. At seventeen, she was blind and deaf, and wore a little bell so I could find her, but she was a game old girl, and one day made a dash for freedom while I was mucking out one of the barns. I searched for hours, fearing the worst, praying that whatever coyote, wolf, or cougar got her would be efficient. At the last glimmer of daylight, I heard a faint jingle. Next to the barn, circling in the tall grass, was Flask. She had worn a disc of trampled weed in the paddock, turning whenever she bumped into an obstacle like a canine Roomba, and was disgruntled who she realized that after a full day of unrelenting effort, she had still been found. Sometimes, creating a rut can be a Great Adventure. Ask Flask.


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